About Us

Hi, I'm Ross and I am the owner of RJ-CBD PRODUCTS.
I just want to give a little more information about who I am and why I have started selling cbd.

I spent many of my teenage years depressed, in 2016 i hit my lowest point, i was diagnosed with PTSD, I self harmed regularly and also attempted suicide. I was on all kinds of medication prescribed by gps (anti depressents, anti pyschotics etc). As you can see on the left (2016) I looked very ill, the medication didn't help me and made me feel and look worse. 

Early this year I turned to cbd, i came off all my prescribed meds and turned completely to cbd oil. I can say from my own personal experiences how cbd has worked for me and has made me find myself again. Cbd is no magical cure, it is not going to fix everything but can hopefully bring some relief.


At RJ-CBD Products UK we stock some of the best cbd products on the market, we are adding to our products weekly and are always in talks with new suppliers.

If you would like anymore information on cbd feel free to email me at                 info@rj-cbdproducts.com , I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you and the best of luck with your cbd journey!

Ross Jennings